– We have worked with more than 3000 patients from the USA & Canada.
– Dental DAS Argentina is a state-of-the-art dental office that specializes in international dental tourism.
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“The doctors made me feel right at home in a foreign city, and were so caring and patient! …[Read More]”

– Jude

“My smile was as white as my gown and I couldn’t stop showing it off! It really was the happiest day of my life and it shows in the photos from that day; I’m smiling in every single picture, even the candid shots. …[Read More]” – Laura

“I was chewing on some bread one morning when my tooth cracked on a particularly nasty nut, I believe it was a filbert. Anyway, the pain was horrible and I needed a fix fast. At Dental DAS Group they were able to see me that same day to relieve my pain and fix my crown …[Read More]” – Chadwick

At Dental DAS Group Argentina we specialize in dental care for foreigners who are interested in travelling to Buenos Aires. Our company was recommended in the Vancouver Sun and Time Out Buenos Aires.


We are a family team of dentists in Buenos Aires.


An we are proud to say our dental office is above international dental standards.


Our dental office is an  ISO 9001 certified company , it means we offer world class dental treatments and a top quality service.

iso 9001 dental office buenos aires

We offer not only the most affordable fees but also exceptional dental services.

This work is completed in reduced time periods as we have a porcelain lab in our office, treating those who want time to enjoy the city with an optimized system that allows top results in a comfortable time frame.


Visit us, is your time to get a new smile!

Friendly, English-speaking dentists and staff, along with modern, well situated facilities, all help to make patients feel at ease.


Our professionals are ADA members and have updated academic backgrounds, allowing us to proudly offer the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry.



Are you looking for a dentist in Buenos Aires?

Come to Dental DAS Group and trust your smile to the experts.

Dental DAS Group is your dental surgery overseas.



Do you want to know more about our services?

Dental implants: Bring confidence back to your smile; allow us to upgrade it and forget about your removable prosthesis while travelling in Buenos Aires.

Whitening: Make your teeth white in just one hour!

Porcelain veneers: Enlighten your image and have a Hollywood smile at an affordable fee, today. Porcelain veneers in one hour.

Porcelain crowns: The latest CAD-CAM technology is now affordable in our Buenos Aires office. Full porcelain crowns in one hour.

Emergency care: Don’t let your teeth get in the way of special moments. Just call Dental Argentina.



Why should you choose Dental DAS Group?

• Affordable fees

• High quality dental treatment

• Reduced working time

• Central location in the Downtown of Buenos Aires (near most hotels)

• Caring staff



Our satisfied clients recommend us daily due to our combination of art, science and spirit.

Excellent dental care is affordable if you travel to Buenos Aires.





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